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Studio Portrait Session

The very best portraits

Portrait sessions are quite fun. They're adventures! Feel free to bring a few objects that mean something to you. Pets can be a bonus. A change of clothes is nice for variety. White clothes against a white backdrop tend to dissapear and should be avoided.

You and the people you care about are worth the best possible portraits. By seeing ourselves at our best, it helps us to be our best.
  Debbie Harry - Lead Singer of Blondie  

Jerri Manthey - Actress: Survivor, The Surreal Live Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.- Sex Educator and Activist

  Craig Mundie - CTO of Microsoft

These services are also available

  • Professional editing, where the best photographs are chosen for you.
  • The best photos digitally cropped and cleaned.
  • A web gallery of the images to share with everybody.
  • An album of 8 1/2 by 11 Prints of the best images.

Types of portraiture


Prices for a standard session are $350. Prices can change depending on the type of photography you wish, the editing needed, the printing desired, the number of people, and expected duration of the shoot.

A Standard session includes

  • A 1 hour white background session. Tyically hundreds of photographs.
  • The very best 15 images picked and cleaned
  • A web gallery of the best images
  • A DVD with all of the high reslution pictures
  • A 13" by 19" collage of the best images

Some past portrait sessions:

If you have a project that you'd like to discuss, contact me so we can talk about it.





  • Nicole:
    I have the same experience that many people have- I usually hate photos of myself. But when I look at the portraits of me taken by Julian I think "Hey, I like that awesome woman! Wait... that's ME!"

    Julian sees you through a physical lens that is technically talented, but more importantly he sees you through an emotional lens that brings out your personality and your beauty.

    Julian can make your photos be about you and your vision and capturing a moment of your best self. No other photographer will give you that same kind of experience- it's radical and profoundly enjoyable.

  • Mark:
    Julian is the best portrait photographer I've ever worked with, and his luminous images are some of the best I've ever seen.

    He is well known in the geek convention circles, setting up shop and then working multiday marathons, creating portraits of the open source hackers and alpha geeks at OScon, MySQL conf, and FooCamp.

    Having him create images for you will be a memorable and fun experience, and you will get work that is world class.

  • Ivan:
    Not only is Julian a great photographer, but he's also extremely personable, which makes him a delight to work with. 

    Julian has photographed family events as well as products and I am always very happy with the results.

    He pays great attention to details and is a delight to work with.

    I recommend Julian Cash Photography for any and all photographic needs.

  • Andy Chan:
    Need a high quality, creative, photo professional?  This is your man!

    He gets you involved with the essence of your event(s) and is awesome at making it a creative, fun, and exciting process.  This is the photo ride of your life!


    Skip the yellow pages, research, worries, etc.  You found it right here.

  • Jett Attwood:
    I have never had as much fun with a photographer as I have had with Julian. It's more like playing with a big kid who happens to have a very professional set up and an amazing eye for what would make a great shot.

    When my significant other and I needed to quickly get some good photographs of us and our cat to a prospective landlord we turned to Julian.  What could
    have been a stressful evening turned out to be a night of Really Big Fun. Julian lets you be you, makes you laugh, delivers an amazing photography experience to the point that the incredible moments he captures on film seem a cherry on top.

    All my friends and family who have seen photos from the session compliment me saying I have never looked better, they can't believe how excellently my cat was captured (cats are not known for their patience and obedience) and gush over the photos.

    We wound up getting the apartment.  I hands down give credit to Julian's photography.

  • Elise:
    Not only is Julian an incredibly talented photographer with a unique style, but he's also really good at putting his subjects at ease during the process.  I would recommend him to anyone for almost any occasion.  His work is great for weddings, family portraits, special occasions, kids, engagement photos, holiday photos, you name it.  Love, love, love him.

  • Ashley:
    Julian is a fabulous photographer.

    If you need photographs that effortlessly express the very *essence* of a person, group, place or thing then Julian is your man.

    Here's why:

    • Julian is a technical master; and you will never need to know - it all just
    • Julian understands people and is made out of love for them.  This is how he
      creates magic, and what really sets him apart.

    Working with him is not work at all.  You'll have fun, and smile, and laugh, and have interesting conversations, and at the end he will have produced amazing work for you, just like he's been doing for hundreds of people for many years. 

    Take a look at his work and talk to him, and have some of the magic for yourself.

  • Quinn Weaver:
    Julian has a rare gift.  He captures personalities with perfect ease, directness, and spontaneity.  His personality makes him a joy to work with.

    I hate sitting for photos, but taking shots with Julian is more like hanging out and chatting--and then it's done.  Remarkably quickly, he has made a portrait of your soul.

    Anyone who is looking to project an image that looks genuine, not cardboard-cutout, should check out Julian's services.

  • Molly:
    A decade ago, Julian shot the most evocative portraits that anyone's ever taken of me. We had met at Burning Man in 1998, when he set up camp next to us, along with a big, white backdrop, and in 1999, we spent a day doing portraits. He's a wonderful person with unique vision and those photographs really seemed to capture who I was -- and for that matter, still am.

  • Lorna:
    Julian Cash has clearly spent years mastering his art of light photography portraiture. He's taken a highly volatile & unpredictable medium to new levels of creativity - through the manipulation of light in extraordinary ways he skillfully expresses the unique personalities of his subjects in his photography.


Contact Julian

Get in touch and let's create amazing photographs together!

Julian Cash     415.738.9385 or see the contact page.

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