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The images above were all taken by Julian with participants at an amaizing event called Burning Man.

Party Photos

Do you want your party to be as fun as possible? The photos are not just a way to remember the event forever. Creating the photographs is a supreme joy!

Different types of photography to choose from

  • Light Painting: Get absolutely unique and creative images. Everybody who sees them will be enthralled, intrigued and will ask you how they came to exist. Those who are photographed are given a wonderful experience and an unforgettable portrait. You can read more on Light Paining.
  • White background: The cleanest images imaginable. Very professional, yet we work in more fun then you would have thought possible. We create outrageously fun pictures, as well as friendly headshots.
  • Sensationalism, no studio: For added effect, gels are put on the flashes. A fish eye lens is often used. The photos are as over the top as possible with a roaming camera.
  • Traditional, no studio:An umbrella is used to achieve perfect lighting. The photos will be sweet and fun and will capture the festivities beautifully.


  • Light painting: Starts at $1,000.
  • White background: Starts at $1,500.
  • Sensationalism (no studio): Starts at $600.
  • Traditional: Starts at $600.

Contact Julian

Get in touch and let's create amazing photographs together!

Julian Cash     415.738.9385 or see the contact page.

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