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Light Painting Photography

Light Painting

Light painting portraits are distinctive, innovative, and magical.  The photos have a dreamlike futuristic feel and lend themselves to editorial work, advertising, book covers, and portraits of musicians. 

I do not digitally manipulate the images.  The effects are created by painting the subject and the surrounding area with colored light in a dark room while the camera shutter is open.  This makes for images that feel especially organic and believable despite their surreal nature.

My subjects and I have a great time creating light portraits together.  The style of the images is both unique and varied.  My proficiency comes from 15 years of experience and experimentation with this type of photography.  It also helps that I am an illustrator and painter as well as a portrait photographer.  The process is fun and is a natural combination of painting and photography. 

You may want light painting photo portraits:

Images can be created quickly if needed, such as at a convention. Or they can be created with great care if there is a concept or emotion that you want expressed in the image.

If you have an event or project that you'd like to discuss, contact me so we can talk about it.

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Light Painting

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