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Convention Portraits

In the standard type of convention photography, the photographer uses a zoom lens and hopes to catch opportune moments. This can be great, but so much more is possible!

We set up a portrait studio

At the convention, we set up a studio. We invite folks to have their photograph taken. By the end of the convention there is a wide array of wonderful photographs. Depending on what you wish, we may focus exclusively on photographing conference speakers.

Why it's great to have a portrait studio set up

  • The convention gets more visibility: This is a great way to make the convention a success and have it be glowingly remembered for many years to come. Thousands will see the photographs and will be enthralled. It's an ideal way to make the speakers, the attendees, and everybody else happy.
  • The speakers love it: Speakers always want better PR photos of themselves. Also, getting photographed is an absolute joy! This is one of the best ways to reward the speakers who make the convention possible.
  • The attendees love it: The attendees go to the convention because they have great respect for the speakers. New incredible photos of the speakers which are taken at the convention, are very attractive to the attendees.

Two different types of photography to choose from

  • Light Painting: Get absolutely unique and creative images. Everybody who sees them will be enthralled, intrigued and will ask you how they came to exist. Those who are photographed are given a wonderful experience and an unforgettable portrait.
  • White background: The cleanest images imaginable. Very professional, yet we work in more fun then you would have thought possible. We create outrageously fun pictures, as well as friendly headshots.

A partial list of Past conventions

“We hired Julian to be the conference photographer for ApacheCon, and he is the best we have ever had. Endless energy, boundless enthusiasm, constantly sparking and fizzing with ideas and good humour, he not only provided excellent results, but made the overall conference experience better for all because of his infectious merriness. I cannot recommend Julian highly enough!” - Ken Coar 

Let's do all we can to assure that your convention to be wildly successful and will be remembered for years to come. Get in touch.

Contact Julian

Get in touch and let's create amazing photographs together!

Julian Cash     415.738.9385 or see the contact page.

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