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Julian Cash BIO

Julian Cash takes imaginative and striking portraits that draw you into the thoughts and dreams of the subject. He's shot people ranging from popular bands, to CEO's, to portraits of entire corporations. He regularly shoots his signature white background photos at San Francisco's vibrant annual festivals, Burning Man, technology conventions, underground shows, and cultural events of all types. He particularly focuses his lens on those events that are creating and seeding the most vibrant and creative aspects of our culture.

Cash has taken photographs for magazines, newspapers, books, websites, t-shirts, music CD covers, calendars, lunchboxes, and advertising campaigns.

"If when the picture is being taken the subject is having a personal experience, that comes through in the photo," says Cash, "It is my job to set up the circumstances for that subject to have an experience. I like to encourage silliness and play especially."

"Through my photography I aim to show people who are improving the world by expressing themselves. By their example I hope we will all share more of ourselves."

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